Random facts about me:


- I'm a photographer born in 1995 in Sweden but now live in South Africa

- I am obsessed with rhinos. I absolutely love them!! 

- I'm a conservationist at heart

- The bush is best explored on foot

- My favorite color is forest green

- A home is not a home without a dog!

- I'm a Harry Potter fan because I love magic stuff 

- Did I mention I LOVE rhinos?!


In 2014 I received a scholarship from Hasselblad Foundation to support my project on the rhino poaching issue in South Africa.

I've been traveling to South Africa countless times to get involved in different projects regarding wildlife conservation. Such as volunteering (data collection and wildlife monitoring) and anti-poaching. 


My qualifications include:

- FGASA registered Field Guide 

- FGASA Back-Up Trails Guide (working towards lead trails guide)

- Anti Poaching 

- Dog Handling 

The motto I live by is "If you can dream it you can do it"

and I believe that if you do what you love to do you never have to work a day in your life!

Photography is my passion since I love to create and continue to learn new things. Therefore I don't limit myself to only one area to photograph. There are too many places to explore!